Go Is for Stoners

Mon, Jan 1, 2018


Just enough keywords, no problem with magic, totally amazing at simplicity. It’s perfect for people getting high all the time. Seriously if you like smoking weed, you probably would like go. Because other language seem to assume people are smart. But generally being smart is really difficult to sustain. That’s why go makes sense, you can sustain it. Get a ball of wax and keep iterating, no problem. mostly it just works. and that’s great.

You’re laughing but businesses arent’. There’s real value in a language that promotes productivity and minimizes the necessity of raw intelligence. Your teams can work faster and make less mistakes if the intellegence bar is lowered, no matter how smart your team is. And let’s be honest, there’s always variance in ability, over time, and day to day. Golang may not be the right choice for most projects, but it works like a charm for many projects. Docker is a great example, and many believe it wouldn’t have succeeded if not for Go’s concurrency support.

So Go is for stoners and everyone else too. It’s a better language in spite of the blub paradox because it’s a well designed version of C for the 21st Centry that has seen massive corporate adoption and community support, the best of both worlds.