2018 Year of Forks and Alts

Mon, Jan 8, 2018

There will be a bitcoin gold, purple, blue, gree, yellow. There’s already a bitcoin God. It’s all coming, hard forks, all year long, by 2018 there will be hundreds of bitcoin forks (there already are many many forks of bitcoin) still using the bitcon name for brand recognition. But also the year for alts. As jobs shift towards blockchain and research ramps up expect massive valuation in altcoins and that the speculative frenzy to increase to such a fevered pitch that the whole world is watching.

Go Is for Stoners

Mon, Jan 1, 2018

Just enough keywords, no problem with magic, totally amazing at simplicity. It’s perfect for people getting high all the time. Seriously if you like smoking weed, you probably would like go. Because other language seem to assume people are smart. But generally being smart is really difficult to sustain. That’s why go makes sense, you can sustain it. Get a ball of wax and keep iterating, no problem. mostly it just works.

Crypo Trading Deep Dream

Sat, Dec 30, 2017

Today on using deep dreaming to make money, Litecoin!

10 Reasons to Consider Litecoin

Fri, Dec 29, 2017

Why Hodl the litecoin? Hold on for dear life, that’s HODL. Well you can day trade too, but long term think of the value of coins. This one has real value and real use cases. Bitcoin is too busy, so it’s time litecoin takes up some slack, and will jump in price. Just beware the speculation trail of whales. Large trades will be done in a speculative way to make money, and then they’ll put it in Bitcoin for a while.

Getting Started with Deep Dream

Fri, Dec 29, 2017

Math There’s alot to learn generally about DD, mainly: python, calculus, statistics, convolutional neural networks. start here What does it look like? Here’s a listing of different channels you can run DD through. Every layer has n number of channels. This lists all the layers: http://storage.googleapis.com/deepdream/visualz/tensorflow_inception/index.html And here’s the channels for mixed4a_5x5_bottleneck_pre_relu: http://storage.googleapis.com/deepdream/visualz/tensorflow_inception/mixed4a_5x5_bottleneck_pre_relu.html I also manage two subreddits, http://reddit.com/r/deepdreamvideo and also http://reddit.com/r/deepdreamgirls The most popular subreddit is http://reddit.com/r/deepdream Don’t know how to code?